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Sociabowl Friedman, Elias; Guan, Betty; Jin, Rosa; Li, Steven


The AMS currently strives to meet the dietary needs of students through offering affordable food served quickly and in abundance - currently, Palate fails to meet these needs. Positioned in a competitive market, Palate lacks differentiation, is limited in financial performance (due to capacity constraints), and does little to foster a sense of community. As students desire more food options that support a healthy environment, Palate is missing out on a crucial opportunity. To address these concerns, we propose a strategy that creates a community-centric, sustainably-sourced, and healthy-minded food service for UBC students. Our strategy consists of two phases: repositioning and expansion. In the “repositioning” phase, we plan to transform our menu to serve an assortment of custom and premade bowls and to reposition the current layout to encourage social interactions. Additionally, we recommend an in-field marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness and build anticipation around a grand opening. Following the “repositioning” will be “expansion,” which entails expanding the restaurant’s capacity to include an outdoor seating area. Through our proposed strategy, we anticipate increased revenues, brand awareness, and sense of community - this will ultimately fulfill the student need for delicious, healthy food served in an inviting environment. Disclaimer: “UBC SEEDS provides students with the opportunity to share the findings of their studies, as well as their opinions, conclusions and recommendations with the UBC community. The reader should bear in mind that this is a student project/report and is not an official document of UBC. Furthermore readers should bear in mind that these reports may not reflect the current status of activities at UBC. We urge you to contact the research persons mentioned in a report or the SEEDS Coordinator about the current status of the subject matter of a project/report.”

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