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The effect of feeding diets matched for rate of degradation of carbohydrate and protein on milk production characteristics of dairy cows Tembo, Wicliff Khuzwayo Adamson


Adequate knowledge of the ruminal degradation characteristics of feedstuffs fed to ruminants is paramount to successful ration formulation using the recently proposed protein rationing systems. In the first of two trials, in situ rumen degradation characteristics of cereal grains with or without steam rolling, roughages and agro-byproducts were evaluated. In vitro starch release of the cereals by the enzyme amyloglucosidase was also investigated. Steam rolling (SR) significantly reduced the in situ rate of degradation of DM, CP and starch of cereal grains. Compared to unprocessed cereals, in situ rate of degradation of these parameters was significantly lower for corn than for barley or wheat, for both the steam rolled and the unprocessed treatments. However, SR tended to increase the in vitro starch release by amyloglucosidase from cereal grains. In situ degradation characteristics varied significantly (P

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