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Geochemistry of bedrock and soils in the vicinity of the Anvil Mine, Yukon Territory Morton, Penelope Cane


Cambrian (?) schists and phyllites of the Anvil Range, Yukon Territory, host three large stratabound lead-zinc deposits: Faro, Vangorda, and Swim. Because geological exploration is limited by a thick cover of glacial overburden, geochemical techniques were tested in the area. These include bedrock sampling for primary halos and geochemical marker horizons, and glacial overburden sampling for secondary dispersion patterns. Multi-element geochemistry of bedrock indicates that the schists and phyllites are not distinctive in one or any combination of the trace elements analyzed. However, some younger rocks are enhanced in various elements: amphibolite in Ni, Cr, Co, and Cu; rhyolite in Pb and Sn; and granite in Sn. Despite presence of glacial overburden, the trace element content of bedrock is reflected in soils. Soils overlying magnetic greenstones are enriched in Ni and Cu, whereas soils overlying granite are slightly enriched in Sn content. Detailed bedrock, overburden and soil sampling.at the Faro deposit reveals that primary Pb, Zn, Mo, and Ba halos exist about the ore zone. Mo parallels the visible alteration envelope, but Pb and Zn extend 100 feet into the hanging wall and 300 feet into the footwall. Ba extends 75 feet into the hanging wall but is not detected in the footwall. Secondary dispersion patterns are primarily related to the proximity of the Faro ore zone and type of parent material sampled. Till deposits have higher background and threshold values for Cu, Pb, and Zn than those of glaciofluvial deposits. Bath Pb and Zn distributions in overburden delineate the Faro #2 ore body; Zn extends to surface whereas Pb, in some cases, does not. This is a reflection of the type of overburden sampled. In general, Zn is the more consistent indicator of ore. The Zn anomaly is primarily hydromorphic in origin, cxZn having higher anomalous/threshold contrast than total Zn (11.1 for cxZn vs 4.8 for total Zn). The nature of the Pb anomaly is not understood.

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