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The effect of dietary fat on the heat tolerance of goldfish (Carassius auratus) Dorchester, John E. C.


An attempt has been made to alter the degree of unsaturation of the body fats of goldfish (Carassius auratus) and correlate these changes with any modifications of heat tolerance subsequently exhibited by the fish. The goldfish were fed three different diets each containing a fat of different degree of unsaturation. The fats used were pilchard oil (iodine value of 181.7), herring oil (iodine value of 128.4.) and lard (iodine value of 66.2). Heat resistance was tested by holding the fish at a constant high temperature and observing the time to death. Variations in the ability of the groups to withstand high temperature were then compared to differences in the degree of unsaturation of their extracted fats. It was found that while diet could effect changes in the degree of unsaturation of the goldfish fats to approximately 54% of the theoretical level, and that these changes in turn modified the heat resistance of the goldfish, no quantitative relationship was established.

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