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The beta rays of radium E and antimony 124 Lindenfeld, Peter


A thin-lens beta-ray spectrometer is described and a brief analysis of its operation is given. A coincidence Geiger-Mueller counter to be used with this instrument is also described. The spectrometer has been calibrated with a line of the thorium B spectrum, and used to obtain beta-ray spectra of radium E and antimony 124. The experimental spectra have been found to agree well with those previously published. Several methods of plotting beta-ray spectra are described and applied to radium E and antimony 124. From the Fermi plot the endpoint of the radium E spectrum appears to be at 1.18 Mev, from the van der Held plot at 1.16 Mev. For antimony 124 four endpoints have been determined from the Fermi plot at .50, .65, .90 and 2.43 Mev. It is shown that the van der Held plot reduces to the Fermi plot for this spectrum.

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