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Fluctuations of space-charge-limited currents in germanium Huntley, David John


The d-c. and a-c. characteristics of p-n-p diodes were measured and interpreted on the basis of present theories. The equivalent parallel capacitance of these diodes was found to decrease as (f)⁻³/₂ at high frequencies in accordance with diffusion theory; from these measurements the lifetime of a hole in the base was estimated to be about 10 microseconds. The current fluctuations in the diode were measured by comparing them with a standard noise diode, and the results represented as a shunt noise current generator. From the frequency spectrum of the noise it was deduced that it consisted mainly of excess or 1/f noise except at low currents and high frequencies, and here the results were interpreted as a combination of shot and thermal noise. The deduced hot carrier temperature was compared with the theoretical values of Shockley and poor agreement was obtained, indicating inadequacy of the present theory.

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