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Ring focus detection in a thin lens nuclear spectrometer Milley, Donald Chesley


A thin lens nuclear spectrometer has been modified by the use of ring focus detection. The transmission of this spectrometer has been increased by a factor of 6 with no appreciable loss, in resolution. An examination of the beta spectrum of Eu[superscript 152,154] has been carried out with this instrument. Internal conversion lines of 74.6, 115.5, 198.3, 242.7, 295.9 and 339.3 Kev were found. These lines have been assigned to a 122 Kev transition in Sm or a 124 Kev transition in Gd, a 245 Kev transition in Sm and a 346 Kev transition in Gd. The K-to-L ratios of the 245 and 346 transitions have been measured and were found to be 2 and 4 respectively. A Fermi plot of the beta spectrum has been made and end-points of 1450, 1060 and 675 Kev. were found. Also, some indication of a lower energy beta group was found. Estimates of the comparative lifetimes of the 1450, 1060 and 675 Kev beta transitions place all of them as second (or higher) forbidden.

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