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A study of training needs in the selling of real estate through the use of the critical incident technique Devries, Alcon Gysbertus


The aim of this study was to show how Flanagan’s Critical Incident Technique may be used to conduct a systematic and objective study of training needs in the field of Real Estate selling. The data were gathered from 86 volunteer registered salesmen whose names had been randomly selected from a master file containing approximately 990 names of registered real estate salesmen. A total of 314 useable reports yielding 327 actual incidents and 88 items of general information were gathered and reclassified according to standard Critical Incident Technique methods. Agreement by two judges served as a check on the validity of the sorting and classification of each incident and item of information. It was found that more failures in selling may be ascribed to inadequate dealings involving property than to those involving people or monetary considerations. Within the limitations of the present study, the gathering of items of general information proved to be a valuable adjunct to Flanagan's Critical Incident Technique.

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