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Electrical properties of thin layers of indium antimonide Parker, Barry Richard


This Investigation was undertaken in an effort to compare the electrical properties of thin layers of InSb with those of the bulk material. Layers as thin as 20(µ) were produced using a squashing device. Laue back-reflection showed that the layers were polycrystalline in nature. Measurements of resistivity, magnetoresistance and Hall effect were then taken. From the resistivity and Hall effect measurements the Hall mobility was calculated. The mobility of the thin samples was lower than that of the bulk material for the same temperature. Considering the increased scattering this, however, is what was expected. Theoretical calculations were then performed using the experimental results. Since the layers were polycrystalline and were not sufficiently thin the theory of thin films could not be applied. Therefore general transport theory was used and the scattering parameters were calculated. From these the dominant scattering mechanisms were then obtained. For the thin layers the dominant scattering mechanism was impurity scattering while in the bulk samples polar scattering by the optical modes of vibration proved to be the dominant mode of scattering.

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