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Growth and morphometry of the pygmy whitefish (Prosopium coulteri) in British Columbia McCart, Peter James


The present study is, in part, a description of meristic variation in the pygmy whitefish, Prosopium coulteri, of British Columbia fish with those of other areas. The species was shown to be highly variable meristically both within and between populations. There are indications in some characters of a north-south cline of meristic counts. One character (gill raker counts) seems to form a V-shaped curve of variation. The major part of the study is a comparison of the growth and relative growth of fish from four British Columbia lakes. The two "giant" forms from MacLure and McLeese Lakes are more like one another in relative growth than like either of the two dwarf forms inhabiting Cluculz Lake or Tacheeda Lake. The possible relationship between growth, form and environment is discussed.

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