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Spins of the 5.03 Mev and 2.14 Mev States in B11 from angular correlation measurements in B10 (dp) B11 Whalen, Brian Austin


An experimental investigation of the spins of the 2.14 (Jɪ) and 5.03 (J) Mev levels in B¹¹ has been made using the B¹º(dp)B¹¹ reaction to populate the 5.03 Mev level in B¹¹ and then studying pɣ and pɣɣ angular correlations to determine the values of J and Jɪ . The theoretical analysis of the angular correlation data is based on a method in which the dp reaction mechanism is represented by a relatively small number of experimentally determined parameters and therefore the resulting spin assignments are not open to the usual criticisms of the use of (sometimes doubtful) nuclear reaction theories for the positive determination of nuclear spins. Using the information gained from this experiment and previous experimental information on the statistical distribution of M1 to E2 multipole mixing ratios it was possible to assign an overwhelming statistical probability in favour of the J = ³⁄₂, Jɪ = ½ spin assignment. These spin assignments are in agreement with previous tentative ones and with the theoretical shell model calculations of Cohen and Kurath. The parameters, determined by this experiment, describing the dp reaction are compared with those calculated using stripping theory and are shown to be in disagreement with both the Butler Plane Wave and Distorted Wave Born approximation calculations.

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