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The efficiency of scintillation counters for gamma ray detection Leigh, John Laurence


The efficiency of NaI(T1) scintillation counters for the detection of gamma rays is discussed and experimentally determined. Experimental efficiencies, based upon the number of counts above a bias equal to one-half the gamma ray energy and a solid angle defined to the crystal effective centre, for a three-inch-diameter by three-inch long (3 x 3) crystal are given for gamma ray energies of 0.51, 1.275 and 6.14 MeV. Gamma ray spectra at 1.275 and 6.14 MeV are extrapolated to zero energy in order to compare theoretical efficiencies, based upon the integrated primary absorption, with the experimental results. These results show that, with experience, one can expect accuracy to better than 5% at these energies. Tables are given of the theoretical efficiency for 3x3, 2¾ x 4½ and 5x4 crystals for several gamma ray energies and source-to-counter distances of from 0.1 cm to 1 m.

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