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Studies on soil permeability Mante, Eugene Frederick Gyampo


Laboratory tests were performed to investigate the possibilities of using a modified form of Steinbrenner’s apparatus to estimate the intrinsic permeabilities of four different soils. Readings were taken on soils at the same moisture content but different void ratios; and on soils at the same void ratio but different moisture contents. Straight line graphs of positive slopes were obtained when the logarithm of intrinsic permeability was plotted against void ratio for peat, a sandy loam and synthetic soils. Results were extremely variable in the case of a clay soil. An attempt was made to relate the permeability estimated with the apparatus and using air as the permeant to the permeability estimated with water on core samples. Some correlation was observed between the two types of tests on the sandy loam and synthetic soils; but there was no correlation in the case of the peat and clay soils. Results, in general, were variable.

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