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Social workers' orientation to client problems McLeod, Ronald Keith


This research report on Social Workers' Orientation to Client problems is based on the theoretical framework worked out and presented in a monograph by Andrew Billingsley, The Social Worker in a Child Protective Agency (3). Briefly, Billingsley, in his doctoral dissertation, considered in depth the reasons for the lack of professionally trained social workers in child protective services. The data to be tested in our report was the result of material accumulated in a 1967 University of British Columbia, School of Social Work thesis entitled: Social Workers' Perceptions of Child Abuse and Neglect (4). The main hypothesis in our study is that professional education and/or work experience in the field of social work will tend to influence the social workers' cognitive and psychodynamic orientations and choice of reference group. Our findings indicate that social workers with substantial work experience appeared to be associated with low psychodynamic orientations. In parts, our results differed from Billingsley and these differences are discussed in our conclusions. Our findings have also indicated the need for further research in several areas.

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