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Mandatory release in Canada : a cost and manpower analysis of mandatory release in Canada Devine, S. Antoinette


The field of corrections is anticipating a change in the present system of releasing inmates from prison. This new development has been described in a variety of terms. However, for purposes of this study, it will be referred to as "The Mandatory Release System". This concept is defined as " a system whereby those inmates who are not granted regular parole, have the opportunity to accept release, after serving three-quarters of their sentence, provided they accept supervision for the statutory remission period of their sentence." The most logical structure to accommodate and implement this change is the National Parole Board. Since there is presently a general lack of knowledge in this area, considerable research is required to identify the implications of such a proposal. The authors have chosen to focus upon the cost and manpower requirements essential in providing a supervision program. The study is based on the premise that supervision is a major factor in the rehabilitation of the offender. Furthermore, it offers additional protection to the community by the reduction of recidivism. By utilizing present data and knowledge available, an estimate was made of the number of inmates who will be affected by this change. These calculations were used to determine the manpower and cost required for differential models of supervision based on the number of hours spent with the releasee. Recommendations arising out of the findings of the study were many and varied. The principle recommendation being in order to make better use of similar programs in existence a more effective gathering and co-ordination of statistical data is necessary. This study intends to fulfil a dual purpose: that of fulfilling the requirements of the Master of Social Work thesis as well as intending to provide useful information to those government administrators who will be concerned with the implementation of this new legislation.

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