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Evaluation of a physical education programme for grade one blind and partially-sighted children in a residential school for the deaf and blind Williams, Carol Inge


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effects of a programme of physical education for Grade One blind and partially-sighted children at Jericho Hill School, the British Columbia Provincial Residential School for the Deaf and Blind. The programme instituted was devised by the author in a problem-solving, child-centered manner where the activities were performed at the level of interest and ability of the individual child. The programme included the following activities: 1. Orientation 2. Physical Education Activities: (a) Body awareness (b) Stretching, pulling, twisting (c) Small equipment (d) Large apparatus (e) Creative movements to music (f) Trampolining (g) Water activities (h) Outdoor running, walking (i) Visit to Santa Claus (j) Activities with a sighted class. The programme extended from September, 1965 to March, 1966 with two or three sessions per week lasting from one-half hour to three-quarters of an hour each. Three evaluative measures were used to assess the programme: 1. Objective scores from the pre- and post-programme tests were given where a numerical value could be assigned to these tests. 2. Film loops¹ of the objective test items were used to show pre-and post-programme performances. These were subjectively evaluated by eleven experts in the field of physical education. 3. The classroom teacher reported on her personal record of the effect of the programme on individual children and on the group as a whole. The improved objective test scores, the film loop evaluation by the physical education experts, and the subjective evaluation of the classroom teacher and the Vice-Principal of the Blind Department showed that the programme was successful in producing improvement in the children, especially in the areas of confidence and basic physical skill development. A film² was produced in conjunction with the programme but not as an actual part of the study, showing various activities performed by the children throughout the year. This 23 minute black and white 16 mm film was produced and titled by the author. ¹Stored in the Library of the School of Physical Education and Recreation, The University of British Columbia. ²"Learn to See", available from the Extension Department, The University of British Columbia.

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