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In vitro cultivation of Philonema (Nematoda: Dracunculoidea), a parasite of the body cavity of salmonid fishes Copping, Barbara Elizabeth


The survival in vitro of third stage larvae of Philonema oncorhynchi and Philonema agubernaculum, nematode parasites of salmonid fishes, was studied. The larvae were cultured in various defined media and in media containing additives. The effect of antibiotics in the culture media, the effect of gassing the cultures with 5% carbon dioxide in air and the effect of shaking the cultures on the survival of larvae were studied. A statistical analysis of the factors was performed to see which conditions supported the longest survival of the larvae. Gassing and antibiotics were found to increase the larval survival, while shaking the cultures drastically decreased the survival. The best medium, without additives, was CMRL 1066 with Eagle's salts, and the best additive was chick serum. The optimum medium combination was Medium 199 + 10% chick serum. The larvae were found to survive a maximum of 86 days and an average of 46.3 days in Medium 199 + 10% chick serum, with antibiotics and when gassed with 5% carbon dioxide in air. Fourteen larvae moulted and completely exsheathed in Medium 199 + 10% dextrose + 10% horse serum, although the larvae would survive longer in other media combinations.

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