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EPR study of CdIn₂S₄ Kerr, Richard Kelso


Properties of CdIn₂S₄ have been studied using EPR. The temperature dependence of the hyperfine interaction for Mn²⁺ impurities has been measured over the range 1 °K - 450 °K. The results have been interpreted using both the localized vibration model and the interaction with the phonon continuum. The g-tensor for Co²⁺ dopants has been determined, yielding g[sub ⊥] = 4.07 ±.15, g₁₁ = 6.00 ±.05 with the distortion axes along the four <111> directions. Both Mn²⁺ and Co²⁺ have a preference to substitute at a "B" site in the crystal. A 'conduction electron' signal that is dependent on the sulphur vacancy concentration has been observed with an isotropic g = 1.68 ±.005. The g-value for a resonance ascribed to surface states was found to be 1.70. Strain experiments indicate that the band gap is most probably a direct one. Preliminary studies of production of sulphur vacancies by heat treatment and light excitation of electrons have been performed.

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