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All you need is love - and an international organization : the role of the Inter-American Commission and Court on Human Rights in improving conditions in Latin America Campbell, Kathryn


The Inter-American Commission for Human Rights and its partner Court have been major players in the improvement of human rights in Latin America. Since their creation, the two organizations have had a profound effect on the behaviour of states in the region, and have helped to bring the worst abuses of various regimes to the light of international scrutiny. Thanks to the support of the US, but avoiding the restrictions hegemon sponsorship tends to imply, the IACHR and Court have been given the means with which to pursue allegations of human rights violations and punish the offending states. The diffusion of international human rights norms through the channel of human rights law has given these two institutions the necessary framework in which they can operate, and their institutional independence has ensured that their actions have generally been successful and accepted by member states. This provides an important case study in the utility of international organizations, as the Commission and Court have proved that these organizations do indeed have the potential to affect state actions and policies.

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