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Electric field induced predissociation of molecular iodine Zhou, Xiang


Electric field induced predissociation of the B ³∏₀[formula omitted] electronic state of molecular iodine has been investigated. The flourescence spectra of I₂ , corresponding to the upper vibrational quantum mumber v'= 4 to v'= 10 have been recorded with and without a high electric field applied. Because these levels have a large natural predissociation, a specially designed high voltage cell has been built and electric fields up to 140kV/cm have been applied in order to observe the induced predissociation. By combining our results with the previous work by Dalby et al.[10] (from v'= 10 to v'= 22), we have the most complete predissociation data for I₂ . Both numerical and semiclassical treatments have been used to analyse the data. The form of the interacting repulsive potential curve, ³∏₁[formula omitted], has been revised.

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