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An examination of age-related changes in achromatic and chromatic retinal increment thresholds at photopic levels Hancock, Sherri Rosemary McDonald


This research investigated the influence of the normal aging process on truly photopic achromatic and chromatic retinal increment threshold over an extensive range of colored targets. It was found that for both achromatic and chromatic retinal thresholds there is a significant correlation between advancing age and the stimulus luminance intensity at threshold across the visible spectrum. This correlation is greater for the short wavelength range than for both the middle and the long wavelength ranges (r² (achromatic)= 0.43; r²(chromatic) = 0.49. In addition, a small exploratory study was completed which examined the role of prereceptoral changes in these age-related differences in color vision function. Results from this preliminary study (Experiment II) support the supposition that prereceptoral factors cannot account for all of the age-related losses that are seen in visual function, particularly in the middle and long wavelength ranges of the visible spectrum.

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