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Some seed-borne fungi of Dougals fir and their effect on germinating seed Cockerill, John


Seven seed lots of Douglas fir seed which became heavily contaminated with mold during germination tests also had low germination values. A number of fungi were isolated from the seed coat and from within surface-sterilized seed sampled from these seed lots. Several of the fungi were found to be capable of attacking the radicles of germinating seeds under the conditions of the pathogenicity tests. Some of the fungi, both pathogenic and non-pathogenic, inhibited the germination of seed treated with the spores or mycelium of the fungi during a period of stratification. The results obtained indicate that the lower germination values of the heavily contaminated seed lots were due, in part at least, to the activity of the fungi capable of attacking the germinating seed and to fungi which inhibited the sprouting of the seed by other means. Other factors relating to the treatment of the seed prior to the germination tests which would adversely affect the germination are discussed in relation to this study.

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