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A solid state voltage regulator and exciter for a large power system test model Bond, John Anthony


This thesis is concerned with the design, construction, and testing of a solid state voltage regulator-exciter-for a new power system test model. The basic elements of a power system, the prime mover and the synchronous generator, are simulated by small laboratory sized machines whose characteristics have been altered by electronic devices. The voltage regulator-exciter consists of a transfer function simulator, a selector-switch for forced or linear-excitation, a field amplifier, a negative resistor for the field circuit and a voltage transducer for closed loop control. Also included are a braking resistor with solid state switching and power and-speed transducers. Transient power system studies have been largely theoretical in nature because of the difficulty and danger in carrying out experimental work on actual power systems. With this model, many important and interesting tests can be easily carried out. Chapter 2 outlines the proposed system while Chapter 3 details the realization and circuitry of the subsystems. The results of the tests described in Chapter 4 are divided into two parts. The first section deals with the testing of each subsystem while the last section, the system as a whole.

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