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Display system for a digital statistical analyser Venditti, Comenico Antonio


A display system for a polarity-coincidence digital correlator is described in this thesis. The display of normalized statistical estimates of the computer occurs whenever the sample size equals 2ⁿ ( n = 1, 2, …, 18). This allows one to visually determine convergence of the estimates as they are being computed. A brief description of the correlator is included, permitting the reader to relate more easily its output information and control functions with the display system. The order of magnitude of errors introduced by sampling fluctuations and by the digital-to-analogue conversion is shown to be less than 2% of full scale at the output of the monitoring system (sample size =2¹⁸ ), with about 95% confidence limits assigned to the standard deviation of the correlogram. Displays of the estimates stored in the memory of the computer are illustrated for various modes of operation of the correlator. In particular, it is shown how the display system facilitates observation of the rate of convergence of correlation estimates towards their final values.

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