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The preparation and properties of rf-plasma-anodized silicon dioxide thin films and aluminum-silicon Schottky photodiodes Reche, Jean Joseph Henri


An experimental procedure which utilises rf plasma anodization to grow SiO2 films on silicon is described. The quality of these films is suitable for MOS technology and growth rates are practical for industrial manufacturing. The electrical and physical propeties of the silicon dioxide films have been studied with comparisons being made, whenever possible, to results obtained with films grown by other methods. A novel method to determine the optical properties of thin films from single angle reflectance measurements has been devised in order to accurately monitor in-situ the growth of the thin films described in this work. Large-area aluminum-silicon Schottky photodiodes with wide spectral response have been manufactured using plasma anodization as a processing step. An aluminum oxide coating is used for passivation, shaping of the spectral response and enhancement of the photoresponse throughout the spectrum of interest. The heights of the aluminum-p-type and -n-type silicon barriers are reported and a comparison is made between the experimental spectral response and a theoretical model.

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