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Measurement of primary region heat transfer in horizontal direct chill continuous casting of aluminum alloy re-melt ingots Di Ciano, Massimo


Thermal-fluid modeling of the Horizontal Direct Chill (HDC) casting process has been used to aid in process optimization and development of HDC casting of aluminum foundry alloy re-melt ingots. Characterization of the heat transfer conditions present in the process is essential to accurate model development. In this study, the heat transfer conditions in the primary cooling region of an HDC casting machine were characterized using mould temperature measurements taken during plant trials. Steady state mould heat flux distributions were determined for various casting conditions through inverse heat conduction modeling. The calculated heat fluxes are of comparable magnitude to values reported in DC casting literature. Mould heat fluxes were affected by casting speed but relatively insensitive to casting temperature and mould water flow rates. To compliment the plant trial approach, an apparatus was built to replicate primary cooling region heat transfer phenomenon. Mould temperatures taken from the casting simulator were used to determine mould heat fluxes during lab tests. Comparing lab results and plant trial results confirm the applicability of the lab tests to in-plant operating conditions. These preliminary lab results suggest that use of a casting simulator could suffice as a means for characterizing primary cooling heat transfer in HDC casting, thus avoiding the need for extensive plant trials.

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