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Transcoding the system information from the DVB-MHP to Blu-ray format in real-time Mai, Zicong


The demand for interactive services in the broadcast world is rapidly increasing. The new-generation packaged medium, the Blu-ray system is designed to support many sophisticated interactivities. Since most interactive TV programs have the Digital Video Broadcast - Multimedia Home Platform (DVB-MHP) format, this study addresses how such programs could be played by the Blu-ray system in real-time. Despite the fact that both the DVB-MHP and the Blu-ray standards are based on the MPEG-2 standard for video related applications and on the Globally Executable MHP (GEM) standard for Java-based interactivity, DVB-MHP and Blu-ray have several differences that make the two systems incompatible. One of the main challenges in realizing this compatibility is the conversion of the "system information" data. These data carry the information about the broadcasting programs and services. This thesis first analyzes the differences in the system information between the two standards, DVB-MHP and Blu-ray, mainly what information each standard requires, where they are stored, and how they are organized. We then propose methods that transcode this information efficiently, i.e., in real-time. Thus, to demultiplex the data needed for generating the Blu-ray system information, we propose a scheme that is 33% faster than the conventional method. To extract the needed information from the DVB-MHP video stream, we propose an efficient search algorithm. Finally, an improved transcoder structure is proposed. This transcoder only transcodes the incoming system information or its updated versions and at the same time keeps the rate of this information transmitted to the Blu-ray system the same as that in the DVB-MHP system.

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