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Fluid flow and heat transfer in continuous casting processes Matys, Paul


A three-dimensional finite difference code was developed to simulate fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena in continuous casting processes. The mathematical model describes steady state transport phenomena in a three dimensional solution domain that involves: turbulent fluid flow, natural and forced convection, conduction, release of latent heat at the solidus surface, and tracing of unknown location of liquid/solid interface. The governing differential equations are discretized using a finite volume method and a hybrid central, upwind differencing scheme. A fully three-dimensional ADI-like iterative procedure is used to solve the discretized algebraic equations for each dependent variable. The whole system of interlinked equations is solved by the SIMPLE algorithm. The developed computer code was used for parametric studies of continuous casting of aluminum. The results were compared against available experimental data. This numerical simulation enhances understanding of the fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena in continuous casting processes and can be used as a tool to optimize technologies for continuous casting of metals.

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