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Expression of C. fimi genes from transposon Tn10 tet promoters Din, Neena


In this study, the promoterless genes cenA and cex (both obtained from E. coli expressing recombinant DNA of C. fimh were placed under the control of the divergent tet promoters from Tn10 and cloned into a broad host range plasmid, pJRD215. This system allowed us to investigate the expression and interaction of the gene products of these two genes (CenA and Cex) in four different Gram-negative host organisms: E. coli C600, an E. coli K12 derivative which is able to survive on cellobiose, R. capsulatus B10, and K. pneumoniae M5a1. The objective was to eventually find a Gram-negative host organism which would secrete the CenA and Cex proteins so that we could investigate whether it was now possible for that host organism to survive on cellulose. All four host organisms used in this study expressed the cenA and the cex genes with different efficiencies, however, none of the host organisms secreted CenA and Cex to the culture medium.

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