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A model for the synchronous machine using frequency response measurements Bacalao, Nelson Jose


In this dissertation a new model for the synchronous machine is presented. This model, based on non-standard test data, allows for the appropriate modelling of the frequency dependent behaviour of the damper windings. The non-standard test data consist of frequency responses, either measured or calculated. The form of these responses will automatically determine the order of the resulting model. Saturation effects in the synchronous machine are also modelled with this new method. The model was successfully tested in both an electromagnetic transients program (EMTP) and in a stability program. It was found that when frequency response measurements are used directly, the model is more accurate than when using the standard data from the manufacturer or data estimated to match approximately the frequency response measurements. It was also ascertained that this model could be used to speed up the solution in a stability program, both by allowing the user to match the order of the model to the required accuracy depending on the event and integration step, and by modifying the input frequency response data to minimize the discretization error made when using large integration steps.

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