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Near-elderly single-person households in core housing need : linking housing support to the severity of housing need Hofmann, Gregory Thomas


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the federal agency responsible for addressing the housing needs of low and moderate-income Canadians, considers those who are unable to secure physically adequate and uncrowded accommodation without spending more than 30% of their gross income to be in core housing need. This thesis analyzes single-person renter households determined to be in core housing need. Whereas the elderly (65 years and older) among core housing need singles are relatively well supported through CMHC's social housing programs, non-elderly core need singles generally do not receive support. Using an analytical framework that focusses on the severity of housing need, and by comparing the socio-economic profiles of selected age groups within this core housing need category, the study has demonstrated the existence of severe housing need, as defined by CMHC, among non-elderly core need singles and has established that the near-elderly (aged 50-64) are in the greatest need among all core need singles and are, therefore, in greater need compared to the elderly. In view of a data base upon which the allocation of assistance to at least those in the greatest need among non-elderly core need singles can be justified, it is argued that CMHC as well as other government agencies and housing support groups must acknowledge such evidence, consider a re-evaluation of priorities and take appropriate action to the extent possible in light of current fiscal restraint . Several suggestions are put forward to this end.

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