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The collembola of the Vancouver region of British Columbia Wade, Lionel Earl


An initial study of the Collembola of British Columbia, based on two hundred and eighty-seven collections from locations in the lower Fraser Valley, eastern Vancouver Island and the area around Kamloops in the Dry Interior, reveals forty-five definitely identified species, herein briefly described, annotated and illustrated, and an equal number, not included in this work, upon which further study is necessary. The species recorded here consist of twelve species of the Family Poduridae, eight species of the Family Isotomidae, twenty-one species of the Family Entomobryidae, and four species of the Family Sminthuridae. The diversity of species, as shown in this limited study, indicates that this Order of insects is very substantially represented in this Province of extremely diversified ecological habitats. This present work constitutes the first portion of a monograph of the Collembola of British Columbia upon which the author is currently engaged.

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