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Should the earnings of co-operative associations be made subject to the federal income tax? Chambers, Edward James Stewart


This thesis attempts to give an equitable and just answer to the problem of subjecting the earnings of co-operative associations to the federal income tax. The first three chapters discuss the nature of a co-operative per se, the development of the co-operative movement in Canada, the financial and business methods of Canadian co-operatives and the effect which the accumulation of tax-free reserves had had upon co-operative plant values. Chapters IV and V trace the Canadian history of the controversy over co-operative income taxation, and explain the particular application of the Income War Tax Act to co-operative associations before the 1946 amendments. The next two chapters examine the recommendations of three government bodies - two in Great Britain and one in Canada - which have wrestled with the question of subjecting co-operative earnings to income taxation. Chapter VIII explains the present Canadian tax law as it applies to co-operatives and compares it to the laws found in Great Britain and certain foreign countries. Chapter IX consists of an examination of the chief arguments advanced by both the advocates of co-operative income taxation and the defenders of co-operatives from such taxation. It will be noted that the problem is dealt with statistically, historically and theoretically. Such a three sided attack is necessary if just conclusions are to be set forth.

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