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Case-work treatment possibilities for alcoholic patients : a classification study of patients admitted to the psychiatric ward, Vancouver General Hospital, during one year, (1950) McKay, Anna Isabelle


This study is from a social work viewpoint and examines the nature and classification of the cases of alcoholism admitted to the Psychiatric Ward of a General Hospital. It gives particular emphasis to underlying personality factors and their relation to cause and cure. The case material was gleaned from records compiled by members of the medical staff and delineates three categories of alcoholics, namely, (a) those who can be helped by case-work treatment, b) those who cannot be helped by case-work because of deep-seated problems, but whose families can be helped, and (c), those who cannot be helped by either direct or indirect means. The findings of this study indicate the need for case-work services (a) in screening alcoholic patients who probably cannot benefit from treatment, (b) in determining the best treatment procedure for those who can be treated, (c) in working with other professional personnel in an integrated team approach to treatment, (d) in helping the patient with rehabilitation from the hospital, and (e), in preventive work in the community.

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