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The significance of diseases and parasites of the muskrat (Ondatrazibethica) in British Columbia Musfeldt, Lola Wyndmere


In the fall of 1944, as a preliminary to the present study, the investigator undertook a survey of the parasites of the muskrat at Burnaby Lake (Vancouver, B.C.). The results of this survey indicated that this problem was worthy of continuation throughout the province of British Columbia, In order to complete such an investigation, a knowledge of the distribution of this prolific fur-bearer and a means to obtain many muskrat carcasses were necessary. As a result of returns from an “outline questionnaire” sent to registered trappers, considerable information regarding the muskrat was obtained. Prom October 15, 1944 to May 15, 1947, 202 skinned carcasses were collected on which parasite and disease examinations were performed. The purpose of this thesis is to present an analysis of the information on the problem of diseases and parasites of the muskrat in its existing state in this province. Previous studies in this field are also summarised.

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