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The syntax of the gerund and participle in the language of Aleksej N. Tolstoj Matkovcik, Edward


The thesis, "The Syntax of the Gerund and Participle in the Language of Aieksej N. Tolstoj," consists of 169 pages. It is divided into six main sections (marked with Roman numerals), each section dealing separately with one type of gerund or participle found in three of Aieksej N. Tolstoj's prose works. In addition to that, two short stories were chosen in order to search for past imperfective gerunds, present passive and past passive imperfective participles. The commentary, which follows the list of examples of present and past gerunds, present active and past active participles, present passive and past passive participles, treats primarily questions of syntax, and any outstanding or interesting examples are commented on in detail. At the conclusion of the first part, dealing with the gerund, is a syntactic summary on the gerund; and at the end of the second part, dealing with the participle, is a syntactic summary on the participle. There then follows a statistical analysis of the frequency of the various types of gerunds and participles illustrated by percentages of the estimated total word count of each of three works. Finally, there is a "bibliographical list of works. All of them have been cited in full, including works of Aieksej, N. Tolstoj, from which all examples were gathered. The selected compositions of Aleksej K. Tolstoj's works from which all examples were taken are: the short story, Detstvo Nlkity (A); the short essay, Moskve ugrožaet vrag (B); and the comedy, Fabrika molodosti (C). The additional two short stories are: Miloserdija ! (D), and Rukopis’, najdennaja pod krovat’ju (E).

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