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Factors affecting dairy farm incomes in the lower Fraser valley Grahame, Richard Wallbank


In order to determine the effect of organization and management on the size of income secured by dairy farmers, the business records of 208 dairy farms in the Lower Fraser Valley were analyzed. The records were secured by the survey method and covered the operations during the calendar year 1946. Earnings secured by operators for their labour varied from minus $1,370 to plus $18,341. Labour earnings averaged $1,042. High earnings were associated with the following factors: 1. A farm business above average in size. 2. High butterfat production per cow. 3. High yields of crops per acre. 4. Efficient use of labour. 5. Efficient use of capital. It was not enough to be above average in only one or two of the factors mentioned. To be most successful the farm business had to be better than average in all of them. Much hard work and careful planning were necessary to excel in all the factors which influenced farm returns. The results of this study, however, show that the rewards were great.

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