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The taxonomy and nutrition of the genus Pseudomonas Burton, Margaret Olive


Part I A detailed study of 35 representative microorganisms of the genus Pseudomonas has been made. The results obtained have been compared with those recorded by other workers employing the same species. As a result of this investigation, a new classification of the members of the genus has been proposed. This classification is based on the ability of the organisms to reduce nitrates in synthetic medium, lipolyse fat, liquefy gelatin, and ferment carbohydrates. Part II A study of the amino acid requirements of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for the production of the blue pigment pyocyanin has been made. A synthetic medium consisting of dl-alanine or glycine at 0.4% concentration combined with 0.8% 1-leucine, 1.0% glycerol, and a salt mixture has been shown to be the most suitable medium for pyocyanin production by Ps. aeruginosa Part III The salts essential to pyocyanin formation have been ascertained and their optimum concentrations in a synthetic medium established. The following mineral ions were found to be necessary for the production of the pigment: K, PO₄, Mg, SO₄, and Fe.

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