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Some aspects of child care and protection; a comparative study of six phases of care and protection of children in Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy and the United States. Shook, Vernon Phray


This study is concerned with the evaluation and comparison of a portion of the laws and practices relating to the care and protection of children in five nations: Canada, the United States, Denmark, Italy, and Greece. The subjects discussed include administrative differences, compulsory education, child labour regulations, adoption, the welfare of handicapped and crippled children and grants to needy dependent children. To some extent in the evaluating and in the comparing processes, the factors causing differences in standards of care and protection of children are brought to light. Comparisons have been made in two ways, e.g., by measuring one nation's laws -and practices against another, and by measuring the standards of each nation against international standards and principles. Although it has been found that all five nations have weaknesses in these provisions for the protection of children, a vast difference of strength is shown between Canada, Denmark, and the United States on the one hand -and Greece and Italy on the other. It is the conclusion of the author that these differences show the necessity for international action and help for nations unable to provide adequately for their children without outside help. Considerable difficulty was experienced in finding material for research. Generally, four sources were used for the compilation of relevant information. These were: The University Library, national and international agencies and offices, friends working in the field of social work in the countries studied, -and an amount of material and information gathered by the writer while working in three of the countries involved.

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