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Summer day camping : an evaluation of current Vancouver experience in relation to accepted standards in day camping Furness, Anne-Marie


Organized recreation programs for school children during the summer months have developed rapidly in the past decade. Resident camping and playground programs have constituted the essential areas of study. Inadequate attention has been given to the development of summer day camping as a specialized recreational service in the field of camping. With this situation in mind, this thesis has been prepared to study the acceptable standards of practice in day camping and to evaluate the current Vancouver situation in the light of these standards. Information embodied in this thesis, in addition to those sources cited in the Bibliography, was obtained from the answers to two questionnaires which provided the material to evaluate facilities, program, and leadership in the in-city programs of five Red Feather recreation agencies. Additional data was obtained from interviews with summer program directors. The written material of the Day Camp Committee, Group Work Division, Community Chest and Council was also used. In view of the present confusion as to the essential differences between the various forms of summer program, and the limited appreciation of the function of day camping, it was felt that a study of the current Vancouver situation would be of reference value.

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