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A review of social welfare agencies : a study of the annual review procedure practised by the Portland Council of Social Agencies Thompson, Andrew Ernest


This study deals with the annual review procedure of the services comprising the Portland Council of Social Agencies. An effective method of appraisal of the community social welfare services is an obvious necessity of a central planning body. Background information was obtained during a six month student placement with the above agency, through discussions with Council staff, and through participation on two review committees. Findings were also based on study of annual reports and minutes of committee meetings of the Council. The thesis begins with a brief history of the federated planning movement in social welfare, and then describes the structure and function of a Council of Social Agencies. Attention is given to the development of the Portland Council, and the role of the review committee is shown in relation to the other functions of that Council. Discussion is made of the initial practice and the development of the review committee. The review committee procedure is discussed in detail. Recruitment of members and their orientation to the review role is considered. The function of the council secretary in preparing for the meeting with the agency is shown. Emphasis is stressed on the participation by the agency in submitting material to be studied. The development of the review report from the meeting of the committee with the agency is described. The techniques of formulating the recommendations and the various problems encountered are presented. The educational influence of the review procedure is explained. Examples of the consideration of agencies to review recommendations are given. The emphasis on the effectiveness of cooperative review by committee and agency concludes the thesis.

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