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A study of some chemical constituent levels in the blood of fowl Kare, Morley R.


Very little information on the subject was available, a study was undertaken of some chemical constituent levels in the blood of fowl. The normal range of nonprotein nitrogen, urea nitrogen, creatinine, uric acid and total chlorides in the blood plasma of 137 14 month old White Leghorn pullets and cockerels was determined, and a study was made of the blood constituent levels in some poultry disease. Diets containing different mineral supplements at levels considered to constitute a stress were fed to eight experimental lots of four White Leghorn pullets over a period of six months. Some of the blood chemical constituent levels of the birds were determined at regular intervals and post mortem investigations on fatalities were carried out to determine if the diets could elicit a condition parallel to pullet disease. The mineral supplements included in the ration failed to produce pullet disease. Effects of these minerals on plasma protein, haemoglobin, glucose, and on egg production were studied.

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