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Facilities for the care of crippled children in British Columbia Kinnaird, Ellen Anne Stewart


The aim of this study is to discuss the existing facilities for the treatment and care of crippled children in British Columbia with a view to determining those aspects in which adequate coverage is given and those in which lacks exist. To consider that the crippled child will receive all the necessary benefits from maximum physical treatment, is to ignore all the other parts of his personality. Social work philosophy recognizes that care and treatment of anything less than the child's whole personality is to deprive him of his right to become a valuable and contributing person to his home, family and community. The method used has been to trace in a descriptive manner, with some analysis of the present program, the development of the chief facilities existing for this purpose up to the present time. The study attempts to illustrate the resources available today and the philosophy which forms an integral part of the program in the various institutions. It is noted that there is a growing acceptance generally of the contribution which social work theory and philosophy can make in assisting the child-patient to adjust to treatment and living away from home. The study uses a recognized authority in the field of planning for handicapped children, as a frame of reference. The criteria outlined by this authority show more clearly the positive and negative aspects of the present program and the effects of the latter on the crippled child. General suggestions are made to assist in developing, through the co-operation of all the professions concerned, a program under which every crippled child in British Columbia may be assured of his right to a useful and happy life.

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