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Old age pensions in British Columbia, a review of trends in eligibility Mathewson, Eleanor Weld


Financial provision for the years of retirement calls for consideration and preparation by every thinking citizen. Knowledge gained from past experience may prove of benefit to planners for the future. Keeping this principle in mind, this thesis, has been prepared as a review of the establishment and evolution of the present system of old age pensions in Canada, with details concerning the province of British Columbia. Information embodied in the thesis was obtained from numerous documents; other than those mentioned in the Bibliography, the Canada Gazette and the British Columbia Gazette should be noted as sources for legislation. Sample cases were obtained from an-analysis of the applications for old age pension in British Columbia which were refused during the year 1947. Review of popular opinions expressed over the years, and discussion of eligibility requirements in 1947 reveals the inadequacy of the present scheme, thus pointing to the necessity of expanding the scope for financial security in old age. All proposals to secure greater coverage entail the establishment of a contributory pension plan. In the light of ever-changing legislation, and in the absence of any chronological compilation of the provisions made by the British Columbia government for old age pensions, it was felt that an account of the growth of the present system would be of reference value.

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