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Cyclic stresses in marine propeller shafting Johnson, William James


This project constitutes an attempt to confirm the existence and determine the magnitude of cyclic bending stresses thought to be the cause of many of the tailshaft failures in the "Victory" type freighters. Tests with the stern third of a 1/22 scale model hull supported in a testing tank were relied upon to obtain the desired results. Because the maximum water speed through the tank was only one foot per second the experimental results obtained could not be applied to the prototype. At this water velocity, however, it was shown that the type or angle of the rudder has little effect on the bending stresses in the tailshaft and that the bending stresses when the propeller is "breaking water" (ship running light) are about 2½ times as great as when the propeller is fully submerged (ship at full-load draft). The experimental technique developed in this project may be used to advantage in future research on stress determination in tailshafts of ship models.

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