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Boarding home care for the aged : a study of the social welfare aspects of licensed homes in Vancouver Leydier, Bernice Rae


This study attempts to explore some of the social aspects of boarding homes for the aged in order to learn what problems are met in operating such homes and what adjustments can be made to solve them. Sixteen boarding homes in Vancouver were visited and the operators were interviewed. These interviews were the basis of the chapters on the boarding homes themselves. In addition other types of institutions were considered, with one or two being visited and investigated. The study made by the Committee on the Care of the Aged was used for background as were two other studies made.by the writer in order to determine where old people in one area, of the city were living. Supplementary material was of course drawn from, reference reading. The study includes chapters on general facilities offered in. boarding homes, on bedroom and bathroom facilities and on the serving of meals. The use of leisure time was considered to be vitally important. Perhaps the most significant factor in successful operation of a boarding home is the personal relationships involved. A very deliberate effort was made to keep conclusions and recommendations, at a practical level. It was recognized that private rooms and a comprehensive, well-planned recreation program are desirable, but no such sweeping changes from the present accommodations were even suggested. The licensing system has had a major role in raising standards and improving practises, and will continue to do so in the future. One inescapable conclusion is that there is a. serious shortage of boarding homes, for old people, as well as; of all other types of accommodation geared for their needs. No attempt has been made in the present survey to assess the extent of this shortage nor to propose how or by whom the shortage could be rectified. It is hoped only that this study might be helpful to persons who are dealing directly with boarding homes for the aged.

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