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The presence of androgens in salmon (Oncorhynchus Keta Walbaum Potter, Gilbert Davis


The testes of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta Walbaum) were examined histologically and chemically to determine the source and nature of the male sex hormone. The histological examination showed that the interstitial tissue of the testis contains cells which are similar to the interstitial cells of Leydig described by other investigators. The extraction method of Gallagher and Koch (1929) was modified by lyophilization of the tissue before treatment with hot acetone. The extracts were assayed by color-metric and chick comb-growth tests. The colorimetric tests were inconclusive due to the presence of interfering chromogens and impurities in the extract. The bioassay showed very conclusively that androgens are present in the testis of salmon in amounts roughly equivalent to those in mammalian testes. The androgen extracted is probably testosterone since it is lipid soluble, highly potent and present in the testicular tissue.

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