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Homemaker service for tuberculous mothers : an analytical study of Vancouver's three-year special project Gilchrist, Margaret Dorothea


In April 1949 the Family Welfare Bureau, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Health Committee, and with the financial support of the Federal Department of Health, began a three-year project to provide supervised homemaker service to families where the mother had tuberculosis. By the end of March 1952, fifty-nine families had been given service, forty-eight of these for a period longer than three months. These forty-eight families are the subject of this study. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this special project, a rating scale was drawn up as an aid in the task of measuring the results of the service provided. The rating scale was devised to assess three main aspects of the program - health improvement, supervised homemaker service and casework service. Questions were of two kinds - those which asked for factual data about the families and about the service provided, and those of an evaluative nature, in which an effort was made to assess change and growth in the clients' attitudes and behavior between the opening and closing of the case. The questions were answered by agency caseworkers who knew the families concerned: nine workers completed forty-two rating scales in sufficient detail for use in this thesis. At the end of the rating scale, workers were asked to assess the value of the total service to the family in question. On the basis of this over-all evaluation, each of the forty-two cases was placed in one of three categories - the highly successful, the moderately successful, or the unsuccessful. The components of the entire rating scale have been tabulated and analyzed in such a way as to highlight differences which seem significant between these three categories. The study leaves no doubt that the T.B.-Homemaker Project made a significant contribution to the physical and mental health of the families given service. However, on the basis of the agency's experience, certain tentative recommendations have been made with regard.to the role of the caseworker, the focus of casework, the selection and placement of homemakers, and intake procedure.

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