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Taylor Manor : a survey of the facilities of Vancouver's home for the aged Guest, Dennis Trevor


The life of old people is not made complete by good physical care alone. Opportunity for participation in activities, companionship and a sense of being "part of things", are equally important. This survey of a well-established home for old people in Vancouver clearly Indicates that the people in a home for the aged tend to become cut off from the stream of life--their participation in adult activities, and their social contacts, become extremely limited. The survey begins with a discussion of some of the problems of the aged in our society and particularly those of housing. A variety of housing arrangements for old people are discussed and the special role of an institution for the aged is outlined. The history of Taylor Manor is reviewed. The rise and fall of its fortunes are traced against a background of changing attitudes and policies of administration. The central chapter presents a composite picture of the average Taylor Manorite based on an analysis of case records of forty-five residents. This composite picture is added to with the aid of a special questionnaire, with which the personal adjustment of twenty-five residents of Taylor Manor is evaluated. The results indicate that most of the people in Taylor Manor are lonely, withdrawn from the surrounding community, and hard pressed to find ways in which to "pass the time". The study concludes with recommendations as to how the loneliness and feeling of uselessness among Taylor Manor residents can be ameliorated. Possible parallels for an activities program are drawn (a) in the work done with senior citizens at Gordon House and (b) the auxiliary to the Provincial Infirmary at Marpole. Two major recommendations are made: (a) the appointment of a qualified group worker to start a program of planned activity in Taylor Manor and, (b) the establishing of a ladies' auxiliary to Increase contact with the outside community and to afford better opportunity for social contacts for the old people in Taylor Manor. Other recommendations on physical accommodation are also made.

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