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Overgrazing on western rangelands, with special reference to those of British Columbia MacDonald , Malcolm Allan


Overgrazing and its effects has been the subject of controversy and debate in North America for over half a century. It has been referred to as such and in connection with other work in annual reports, editorials, farmers' bulletins, livestock journals, technical papers and political debates. While there are numerous papers dealing totally or in part with one or more of the aspects of overgrazing, few if any deal with the combined effects of overgrazing on the native vegetation, the domestic livestock, the soil, and the wildlife of the west. A study has been made of its effects on rangelands of the west with the intention of encouraging a system of range utilization in British Columbia which will enable the ranchers to derive the greatest possible benefits from the interior range lands without suffering the harmful effects that overgrazing exerts on the grazing environment.

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